RS485 IO Extender Card

  • Introduction
  • Model: TSETD1000
    Name: RS485 IO Extender Card

    Our smart Modbus IO Extension Card Extending more IO’s with more options of Digital, Analog and Relay options. The device can collect data from a variety of Modbus Slaves, Sensors, industrial machines, io data are sent to the centralized server or cloud server. The gateway supports multiple protocols like TCP / Http / MQTT with SSL mode. We can do the configuration by PC Utility or SMS or Server IP Commands and all parameters are remotely configurable. Plug and Play help greatly reduce the prototype development life cycle and provide developers and solution integrators. Easy Plug and Play on Analog and Digital Sensors, (0 to 24V), (4 to 20mA), Pulse Counter, Digital IN, Relay Out – Industrial Low-Cost Hardware.

    Easy to connect single or multiple any standard Modbus slaves and configure selected Modbus registers. The easy transition of Wired Network to Wireless Communication using GPRS/2G/3G/4G/LTE/Wifi/LAN/NB-IoT based Modbus gateway with Logger option with a simple and cost-effective solution.

  • Features
    • Intelligent Modbus, IO, Data Logger, 2G,4G GPRS/WiFi/Lora Connectivity
    • 1 x RS-485 port for RTU Modbus Isolated  Embedded ARM® Cortex™-M4 32 Bit RISC Core, 168 MHz inside, RTOS system, reliable performance with in-built watchdog
    • Wide range power supply 9~36VDC with over voltage and phase-reversal protection
    • 4 CH AI, 3 DO
    • Configure and Read Multiple Slave IDs Upto 30, Selectable Register Address data upto 30
    • Parameter Data type, Byte Swapping Conversion and Scaling factor enabled
    • Transparent Modbus or Device Inbuilt Polling – Formatted to (ASCII/HEX/RawHEX)
      Smart Inbuilt Data Logger works during Network and Server Disconnection
    • Logger Sends offline data once Network and Server Connected
    • Upto 6 Authorized numbers list for command and Configuring
    • Configurable TCP/Http/MQTT/Https Mode, GET/POST Methods
    • Configurable CSV/JSON Format for Parameter Packetization
    • Remote Configuration through SMS/GPRS/Server IP Commands
    • Alerts: Power Failure Restore, Low battery Shutdown, Digital IN Changes, Device Reset
    • OTA (Over The Air) Firmware upgrade, Device Configuration update
    • LED & LCD indicators to provide GSM, GPRS, Signal, Modbus Tx/Rx COM Status
    • Configurable Server Connection: Connects on Demand or Always Connected
    • Keep Alive command to maintain socket connection
    • LCD Display for Indications and LED Indications
  • Application Area
    • DG Set Monitoring
    • CCMS
    • Cold Storage
    • Smart City
    • Energy Management
    • Pump Management