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About Us

Welcome to Techavo Systems

We are an “Innovator in Electronics”. At Techavo we manufacture GPRS based remote terminal units, gateways, dataloggers, panel Meters and we also provide turnkey custom electronic design services, multilayered professional PCB design – rigid but highly dense, embedded system design, superior software development, right from concept design to prototyping, assuring quality across both small and large volume productions.


Services We Offer


Embedded System Development Services

We provide advanced outsourcing services, building and designing hardware and user interface, within the proximity of powerful software technology. Our printed circuit boards, software embedded systems…


Hardware Development for Embedded Systems

One of our key expertise areas, we offer ready-made, technologically progressive embedded hardware system solutions. Within varying complexity levels, our optimized development cycle


Firmware Development for Embedded Systems

We have professional experience in firmware development for designed and modular embedded systems. With real-time operating systems, our solutions cater to B2B and B2C software requirements, proving to be


IoT Development and Application

The age of connected devices has dawned upon us. You can embark on the IoT journey with Techavo for smart and intelligent business insights and efficiency. The Internet of Things devices is built on

Home Automation

We provide design, consulting and implementation service for a newly built revolution inside your household. We establish seamless integration of technology to gift you an innovative lifestyle that is simple, intuitive and…


Remote Monitoring

Opt for Remote Monitoring services to benefit from real-time, secure monitoring of the company infrastructure. We resolve identified issues, with agility, processing information professionally and

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We undertake design projects both big and small.
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How We Do

Highlight Design Requirements

The clients’ provide us with their list of requirements and objectives, also known as design specifications.

A Price Quote for the Design

We carefully study and explore the project scopes, quantity of work needed, input of resources, latest technology, estimated time for completion etc. Next we move ahead with the costing factor.

Workflow Procedure

After we come to a deal with the client, we place an order for the design and with dedication, start working on it professionally.

Standard Deliverables

The deliverables that we offer are more than sufficient to start a systematic mass production, with embedded technology and designing elements, either outsourced to third party manufacturers or done by our engineers

Modifications or Changes (if needed)

We make sure to get the design prototypes examined by our clients. This way, they can suggest changes or improvements and we can work on it, before entering into the production process.

Testing Production with Small Quantity (Optional)

We provide testing solutions for smaller productions (50 to 100 nos. at one time) so that the clients can assess the progress and market compliance by themselves.

Large Volume Electronic Manufacturing Service

We supplement our clients by offering end-to-end management for large volume or quantity of production, directing component procurement, inspection, assembling, testing and packaging of the designed commodity, abiding by strict quality control measures.

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