Services We Offer

At Techavo, we provide high end, customer-centric, technical solutions to our clients, with a sheer combination of excellence and expertise. Our data-driven embedded designing and software development solutions are modelled to serve various domains of the industry, with the implementation of cutting-edge technology, therefore catering to a wide spectrum of hardware and software requirements, migration and mitigation of problems, integration of features and more. Through feasibility studies, we guarantee product viability including safety, quality and performance.

Embedded System Development Services

We provide advanced outsourcing services, building and designing hardware and user interface, within the proximity of powerful software technology. Our printed circuit boards, software embedded systems, firmware, wireless and mobile device applications, full-featured and integrated measurement applications, data acquisition processing modules, signal processing systems, control systems and other electronic products cover the entire automated ecosystem. From product strategy, planning, designing to development and input of embedded technology, we also do testing and evaluation to maintain standards and parameters of qualification.

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Hardware Development For Embedded Systems

One of our key expertise areas, we offer ready-made, technologically progressive embedded hardware system solutions. Within varying complexity levels, our optimized development cycle and product reliability promise to solve problems with engineering-driven, performance and output.

  • Turnkey solutions and embedded analog and digital devices
  • Schematic diagrammatic planning
  • Advanced printed, customized circuit boards
  • Expanding Processor Modules
  • SoC-based electronic applications and devices
  • SBC or Single-board computers
  • Digital, high capacity, FPGA systems
  • Redesigning and modifications in the electronic devices

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Firmware Development For Embedded Systems

We have professional experience in firmware development for designed and modular embedded systems. With real-time operating systems, our solutions cater to B2B and B2C software requirements, proving to be wireless, cost-effective and optimum solution for all.

  • Embedded software construction
  • BSP or Full board support package
  • Drivers for Devices
  • Linux Kernel development
  • OS Linux Distributions for Target Based Platforms
  • Real-time applications
  • Embedded application for firmware and software production
  • Android porting

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Product Development

  • Product concept planning and implementation
  • Technical consulting
  • Assessment of functional requirements according to business objectives
  • Elaborating technical specifications
  • Design, Modification and Development
  • Verification and Analysis
  • Sample production
  • Technical Launch
  • Manufacturing Support and Control

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IOT Development And Application

The age of connected devices has dawned upon us. You can embark on the IoT journey with Techavo for smart and intelligent business insights and efficiency. The Internet of Things devices is built on emerging technologies like the Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Real-Time Sensoring, Automation, Enterprise Data Migration, Visualization and more. From hardware engineering to IoT data pipeline architecture, our expertise and knowledge in this field will help your business acquire a competitive edge in the industry through resilience in operations, strategic enterprise-grade technological solutions, and unhindered growth.

  • Industry 4.0 integration
  • Building IIoT Roadmaps
  • Business Pain Point Identification
  • Asset Optimization
  • IoT platform providers
  • User-Centric Business Process Transformation
  • Smart Custom Application Development
  • Testing, and Evaluation for Hardware and Software Connectivity.

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Home Automation

We provide design, consulting and implementation service for a newly built revolution inside your household. We establish seamless integration of technology to gift you an innovative lifestyle that is simple, intuitive and transformative.  At Techavo, we constantly attempt to challenge the ordinary, breeding complacency and continuum. Our products are tested under every possible scenario to avoid failures or life hazards.

  • Smart Touch Panels
  • Smart Home Security
  • Intelligent Monitor Controlled Lightings
  • Smart and Sophisticated Ambience
  • Automated Air conditioning
  • Energy Efficiency and Management

Making your Life easy is our Top Priority. We build products for your new world, understanding the requirements of the Smart Home Seeker.  Our smart devices/applications adopt cutting-edge technology to discover the highest range of intelligent potential within home automation.

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Remote Monitoring

Opt for Remote Monitoring services to benefit from real-time, secure monitoring of the company infrastructure. We resolve identified issues, with agility, processing information professionally and giving the desired outcome as per the detailed objectives.

  • Network Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring
  • Management of servers
  • Monitoring of Applications
  • Proactive Response to Services
  • 24*7 expert analysis
  • Multi-device support feature

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