Technical Specifications

Item Reference Scope
AC Power Supply On Board 12V SMPS Range- 220-250VAC Input to 12VDC Output
Voltage Power Standby :12V/70mA
Working Capacity 12V/300mA
Microcontroller Unit STM32 ARM CORTEX M4 MCU
Display 16X2 LCD using FRC Connector, RS485
3 Channel AC Voltage Sensing 3 Phase AC Voltage Sensing
3 Channel AC Current Sensing 3 Phase AC Current Sensing using INA 199A Current Shunt
DC Detection 1 DC Detection using High Value Capacitor
Modem 2G
Communication Wireless RF LORA MODULE
Output Digital 3 CH Digital Outputs using Relays
Preferred PCB Size 79mm*130mm (for Controller) , 93.5mm * 153.98mm (for Sensing)
RS485 Non-Isolated With GDT and TVS based Surge Protection
Keypad Functionality 4 Keys for Device Setup
Mapping Registers Maximum 320
Memory 512 Kbit Memory
Temperature 10-+70 °C
Humidity 95% condensation free