India is witnessing the rapid growth of technology and data management. Hence, the need for sustainable and technologically advanced cities has increased rapidly. The Smart City Mission and the Dholera Smart City project are two smart, ambitious projects from the government of India.

These programs aim to develop new smart cities and transform existing ones with infrastructure and technology. In addition, these programs focus on improving the quality of life for citizens.

Let’s dive deeper and explore everything you need to know about India’s Smart City Mission and Dholera Smart City.

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What is a Smart City?

A Smart City is an urban area where technology, data collection, and data analysis can improve the quality of life and promote efficiency and sustainability. Local governments implement smart city programs for citizens with the help of advanced technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and others.

Dholera Smart City Project: Overview

Dholera Smart City Project is one of the latest smart city projects in Gujrat. It connects two cities, Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar. This smart city project will be the largest greenfield project in India and Asia. It will be an example of an ideal smart city for the other smart cities in India.

The Dholera Smart City project is based on a 920 Sq. Km area. This smart city project focuses on advanced infrastructure, connectivity, and sustainable development. Dholera Smart City is non-polluted, filled with greenery, and has an environment-friendly ambiance.

Dholera Smart City project will be completed in three phases. These three phases are divided into six town planning schemes. This Smart City project is also known as the Dholera Special Investment Region or Dholera SIR project. This project is based on the Special Investment Region Act 2009.

The Government of India will implement the Dholera Smart City project in 22 villages of Dholera. The goal of this smart city project is to create a world-class area that can boost the local economy. As per the planning, this smart city will cover both the national and international markets. The industries will witness the progression with quality features.
With advanced infrastructure and connectivity to leading cities like Vadodara, Ahmedabad, and Bhavnagar, this project will be highly influential. Airport and seaport connectivity will be introduced in the Dholera Smart City project.

Zones of Dholera Smart City Project

The Dholera Smart City project is divided into different zones. Moreover, the area percentage has been allocated for each zone. Those zones are:

  • Community Facilities – 8%
  • Industrial Zone – 47%
  • Residential Zone – 28%
  • High Access Corridor – 4%
  • Roads – 6%
  • Recreation and Sports – 3%
  • Tourism – 3%
  • Others – 1%
Dholera smart city and Industrial City development plan on Techavo blogs
Dholera Industrial City development plan

Area Divisions in Dholera Smart City

The Dholera Smart City is divided into multiple areas. Those areas are:

  • City Center
  • Sports Zone
  • Green Zone
  • High Access Corridor
  • Knowledge and IT Zone
  • 250 Meter Express Highway

Dholera Smart City – Industries

Due to the features and amenities, there will be multiple industries. Moreover, industries will witness growth very fast. The potential sectors are:

  • General Manufacturing
  • Agro and food processing
  • Heavy engineering
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
  • Automobile
  • Aviation
  • Metals and metallurgical products
  • Electronics
  • Defense
  • High-tech technologies

Dholera Smart City – Project Funds

The Dholera Smart City project is a unique project of the government of India. Therefore, a particular budget has been allocated for it. The whole project is expected to cost more than one lakh crore rupees. The budget allocation for the contractor L&T is around 1,734 crore rupees. Multiple companies, ISCON groups, and others are planning to invest in this project.

The Dholera Smart City Project Phase 1

The Dholera Smart City project will be completed in different phases. The critical projects of phase 1 are ABCD greens and ABCD enclave. The Dholera Smart City Project Phase 1 consists of town planning schemes 1 and 2. For the town planning scheme one, 51 sq. km will be covered. On the other hand, for town planning scheme two, 102 sq. km will be covered.

In this phase, 250 meters of planned expressway will be built. The Dholera International Airport is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. The Ahmedabad to Dholera Greenfield Expressway is expected to be built around 2024.

The Dholera Smart City Project Phase 2

Under Dholera Smart City Phase 2, town planning schemes 3 and 4 will be covered. In the town planning scheme 3, around 66.60 sq. km will be covered. On the other hand, town planning scheme four will cover 60 sq. km—however, the Dholera Smart City Project Phase 2 after completing the Smart City Project Phase 1. Dholera Smart City Project Phase 2 is expected to be completed by the year 2032.

The Dholera Smart City Project Phase 3

The Dholera Smart City Project phase 3 is divided into town planning schemes 5 and 6. In town planning phase 5, 74.75 sq. km will be covered, and in town planning phase 6, 67.63 sq. km will be covered. This Phase will begin after Smart City Project Phase 2 is completed.

The entire project is expected to be completed by the year 2042. Nonetheless, Completing each phase will open a few zones for access.

Dholera Smart City – Projects

A few mega projects can make Dholera one of the finest smart cities.

Dholera SIR Project: This project is the flagship project that covers 920 sq. km of Dholera.

ABCD Buildings: The Administrative and Business Center for Dholera will be the control center for the whole smart city.

Dholera International Airport: The airport authority of India is building the international airport in Navagam, Ahmedabad. 

Dholera Metro Rail: With the metro rail, Dholera Smart City will be connecting with Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad.

Dholera Smart City – Facilities

As it is a government project, the government focuses on the quality of infrastructure and services. With the urban development strategies and resources, you will get several high-standard facilities in Dholera Smart City.

  • Integrated city management system with ICT infrastructure
  • Roads, tracks, and footpaths for running, walking, and cycling are covered With trees
  • Industrial wastage collection
  • 100% recycling of the waste products and wastewater
  • Prioritized easy recycling and waste collection
  • Power smart meters available 24×7
  • Open Storm Canal

Besides these features, there are several opportunities for the public. Additionally, some big companies are ready to invest in this project due to its infrastructure and facilities.

Dholera Smart City – Advantages

  • Dholera will be a world-class smart city with non-polluting industries ensuring sustainability.
  • There will be world-class infrastructure.
  • Dholera will have an economic focus with a governing zone supported by the government.
  • It will be a perfect area for large-scale manufacturing.
  • Dholera Smart City will help companies streamline their businesses.
  • The Dholera Smart City will be connected smoothly to the major cities. Furthermore, it will mitigate the transportation hassle.
  • Aviation and port systems will enable the smooth import and export of the logistics.
  • A knowledgeable workforce will be available at Dholera Smart City.
  • Buying and selling land will be easier.
  • The safety and security will be enhanced.
  • Live, work, and play, as well as smooth transitions between these, will be easier for the public due to social infrastructure and amenities. 

India’s Smart City Mission – Overview

Smart City Mission is a large step towards enhancing living quality in cities and towns. The government of India has taken this initiative by using information technology, digital technology best practices, and public-private collaborations. 

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, launched this initiative on June 25, 2015. The Union Ministry of Urban Development is responsible for implementing this project. This project to develop smart cities in India is divided into five rounds. In the five rounds, a hundred cities will be selected countrywide, and the results will be graded according to the development and sustainability plan.

India’s Smart City Mission and dholera smart city blog on Techavo
Smart City Mission by the Indian Government

Smart City Mission – Smart Solutions 

Under the Smart City Mission, Several smart solution structures will be used.

  1. Public information and grievance amendment
  2. leakage identification
  3. Video crime monitoring
  4. Electronic service delivery
  5. Smart parking
  6. Citizen engagement
  7. Telemedicine
  8. Skill center
  9. Smart meters and management of electricity and water
  10. Water quality monitoring
  11. Energy efficiency
  12. Renewable source of energy
  13. Intelligent traffic management system
  14. Skill development centers
  15. Trade facilitation centers
  16. Seamless transportation 
  17. Managing waste of fuel and energy
  18. Managing waste to compost
  19. C & D waste management
  20. monitoring and mitigating potential risks

Smart City Mission – Fundamentals

There is no certain template for an ideal smart city. There are different cities that require development in different areas. There are a few fundamentals that are the core of the Smart City Mission concept. Those fundamentals are:

  • Community is essential. It is the most crucial factor for the smart city.
  • In the Smart City Mission India, the shortlisted cities will be selected based on competition. Cities have to be flexible in undertaking and implementing the designed projects.
  • During development, the use of fewer resources should be prioritized.
  • While implementing those projects, cities should look for sustainable solutions and effective innovative methods.
  • The development of the technologies should be selected carefully and must be relevant to the city.

India’s Smart City Mission – Features

Smart City Mission is designed to emphasize economic growth and improve the quality of life of the citizens.

dholera smart city and Smart City mission blog image on Techavo
  • Smart City Mission will promote mixed land use. With the Smart City Mission, the state will have more flexibility in using the land for various purposes. Nonetheless, the authorities will take care of environmental safeguards.
  • Housing is one of the essential requirements for the growth of Smart City Mission. Hence, smart cities will be focusing on housing products that cater to several demographics. It will expand the housing opportunities for everyone.
  • Smart City Mission will reduce air pollution and congestion in the environment. It will ensure security and safety. Moreover, it will promote local economy and interaction. There will be several segments on the road for walkers and cyclists.
  • To enhance the quality of life for Indian citizens, parks, playgrounds, gyms, art centers, and other cultural spaces will be created as part of this Smart City Mission.
  • Smart City Mission will promote transportation and transport-oriented development.
  • Smart City Mission will promote several sectors, such as the education sector, local businesses, the health sector, sports, cultural art, furniture, and almost everything else.
  • Smart solutions will be applied in the services and infrastructure of the area development in Smart City Mission.
  • Online services will be launched to bring transparency to governance. Therefore, people can check the details from their mobile phones.

Smart City Mission in India – Funds

The government of India has funded 7,20,000 crore rupees in this project. Over the five years, a hundred crore per city is assigned. This program is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) where 50% will be contributed by the central, and the rest will be contributed by the state government.


The Smart City Mission and the Dholera Smart City project represent India’s vision for improving urban living. By focusing on technological integration, efficiency, sustainability, and improved quality of life, these initiatives have the potential to revolutionize the cities. It will set a global benchmark for smart city development. As Dholera City is taking shape and other smart cities are in progress, the upcoming years will be crucial in determining the success of this program.


Q. What is the need for a Smart City Mission in India?
A: The Smart City Mission is essential for improving the living standard in 100 cities of India. Smart City Mission focuses on reducing air pollution in the environment and reducing congestion in the surroundings. It will ensure security and safety. On top of that, it will promote local economy and interaction.

Q. In which year will Dholera City complete?
A: The Dholera smart City project is expected to be completed by the year 2042.

Q. What is the full form of ABCD in Dholera?
A: The full form of ABCD in Dholera is the Administrative and Business Centre for Dholera Smart City.

Q. What is the main goal of a Smart City?
A: The main goal of a smart city is streamlining the city operations and promoting the growth of the economy. It promotes the quality of living and sustainability by using data and technologies.

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