6 Channel RTU

  • Introduction
  • Model: TSRTU1006
    Name: 2G/3G/4G/WiFi RTU

    The is an industrial grade reliable and stable programmable Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). At the core of the unit is a 32 Bit High End Arm Processor. It provides 6 isolated Dry and Wet digital inputs, 6 isolated universal analog inputs, 6 relay outputs, 1 pulse input with noise cancellation. It can monitoring and operates the I/O ports by SMS, APP, Web Server, internet, timers and programmed inter-lock events automatically.

  • Benefits
  • dual-channel-rtu-benefits

  • Features
    • Intelligent Modbus, IO, Data Logger, 2G,4G GPRS/WiFi/Lora Connectivity
    • 1 x RS-485 port for RTU Modbus, 1x RS232 port for HMI, TTL for Configuration
    • Embedded ARM® Cortex™-M4 32 Bit RISC Core, 168 MHz inside, RTOS system, reliable performance with in-built watchdog
    • Wide range power supply 9~36VDC with over voltage and phase-reversal protection
    • 6 digital inputs, compatibles dry and wet contact, one of it can be used as pulse counter
    • 6 analog inputs, 12bit resolution, compatibles 0/4~20mA, 0~5VPoll Both RS485 RTU Modbus and TCP Modbus (Multiple IPs)
    • 6 Relay Output 7 AMP NO-COM-NC
    • 1 Pulse input with Debouncing Noise Cancellation
    • 3 Relay Output 7 AMP NO-COM-NC
    • 1 Pulse input with Debouncing Noise Cancellation
    • Configure and Read Multiple Slave IDs Upto 30, Selectable Register Address data upto 30
    • Parameter Data type, Byte Swapping Conversion and Scaling factor enabled
    • Transparent Modbus or Device Inbuilt Polling – Formatted to (ASCII/HEX/Binay/Decimal)
    • Smart Inbuilt Data Logger works during Network and Server Disconnection
    • Logger Sends offline data once Network and Server Connected
    • Upto 6 Authorized numbers list for command and Configuring
    • Configurable TCP/Http/MQTT/Https Mode, GET/POST Methods
    • Configurable CSV/JSON/Custom Format for Parameter Packetization
    • Remote Configuration through SMS/GPRS/Server IP Commands
    • Alerts: Power Failure Restore, Low battery Shutdown, Digital IN Changes, Device Reset
    • OTA (Over The Air) Firmware upgrade, Device Configuration update
    • LED & LCD indicators to provide GSM, GPRS, Signal, Modbus Tx/Rx COM Status
    • Configurable Server Connection: Connects on Demand or Always Connected
    • Keep Alive command to maintain socket connection
  • Application Area
    • DG Set Monitoring
    • CCMS
    • Cold Storage
    • Smart City
    • Energy Management
    • Pump Management

    How It Works