Modern living has upgraded, and with it, home automation is being prioritized. House owners are becoming mindful of energy consumption. As India is one of the largest markets due to its population, several home automation companies in India are focusing on making their home automation devices even better.
From smart lights to maintaining temperature, home automation products are dominating the market. Brands are focusing on efficiency, ease of use, and comfort.

Several companies are launching some great products that are highly acceptable from the consumer’s point of view. While coping with the advancement of global technology, the Indian population is becoming tech-savvy and using automation and tech to improve the quality of life as more and more companies have started providing these products and services. Here is a list of the best 10 companies that are way ahead of their competitors and focusing on making our daily lives smarter and better.

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Philips, a global brand founded in 1891, entered the Indian marketplace in 1930. It has become one of the most famous home automation companies in India. Today’s date, Phillips is the go-to trustworthy brand for the Indian household with its innovative and diversified range of electronics that have received immense popularity.

The product range includes app-controlled electronics such as smart bulbs and kitchen appliances, which best suit the needs of the Indian household. Phillips is the world leader in the home automation sector with its innovative product range.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a famous multinational company that specializes in energy management and digital automation. This French automation company has made a significant impact in the Indian home automation market and gained the trust of Indian consumers. The company has a massive production catalog in the premium range.

The company offers security cameras, smart lighting, dimmers, and other security devices. It has always been consumer-friendly with its user-friendly control management. Schneider Electronic products can be easily managed by the user through mobile applications. Their home automation requires specific internal wiring.

In addition, their distinctive feature lies in their service offerings. The Schneider engineer team also provides installation services that ensure a cutting-edge experience for consumers. With their expertise in domestic systems, Schneider Electronic India provides smart home automation solutions to mitigate issues related to modern living.


Wipro is one of the most renowned home automation companies in India.  Founded in 1945 in India, this multinational IT farm has become one of the largest companies globally. This company specializes in Information technology, business process services, and consultancy.

Wipro provides a smart home experience with device engineering and application development, personalization devices, and cloud enablement. Their smart home virtual platform integrates various IoT frameworks and platforms. They promise to seamlessly onboard new devices and services.


Legrand is one of the industry giants in the home automation category globally. Among top brands, it is one of the best home automation companies in India. This company has a massive grasp of market experience and technology advancement. Legrand serves in approximately 180 countries across the world. It is also one of the oldest global brands with a vast offering of products.

This company is currently focusing on the sustainable electric framework and with the introduction of home automation, it is becoming more relevant to Indian consumers. Legrand’s smart home automation offers a seamless solution for smart homes. Of its experience, Legrand is focusing on integrating technological advancement to provide comfort, convenience and security.

Their user-friendly interface and easy controls allow consumers to manage lighting, security cameras, air conditioners, TVs, geysers, temperature control, and more. Management of your devices can be done quickly from anywhere via voice commands and smartphone apps.

Their famous product catalog includes smart plugs and sockets, motion sensors, video-door phones, and UPS.

Crabtree Havells

Havells India Limited is one of the famous home automation companies in India. It has been one of the market leaders with massive experience, brand value, and customer trust. To grab consumer interest, Havells has focused on making user-friendly, affordable products. Havells owns several brands, such as Havells, Standard Electric, Reo, Promtec, Lloyd, and Crabtree.

Under the Crabtree brand, Havells produces high-quality home automation products. Crabtree home automation products have advanced features for remote control management of appliances, fans, and lighting. Crabtree offers a wide range of home automation products such as modular switches and video door phones.

With intelligent cloud technology, consumers can check their appliances, fans, and lighting from anywhere. The Intellicenter cloud can customize its features according to the user’s requirements. For example, homeowners can auto-turn off the power, remove curtains, and schedule several events.

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TIS Control

TIS Control is known for its affordability in home automation services. If you are looking for a home automation solution, TIS Control ranks among the top home automation companies in India. They focus on providing wired and wireless complete home automation solutions to hotels and homes. In the home automation category, TIS Control offers more than 100 sets of products.

TIS Control’s product listings include dimmer switches, blinds, drapes, projector lift motors, lights, air conditioning controls, and more. The company is well-known for its DIY programming and straightforward controls and settings.


Crestron Electronics is one of the most popular companies in India. Founded in 1971, this US-based company has a massive range of products. Most of their home automation products are used in large residential places. Crestron automation products include lighting, environment control, entertainment, and security.

Crestron has some VIP clients that have enriched its portfolio. Social media platform, Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg’s smart house is based on Crestron’s smart home technology. Richard Branson and former US President Donald Trump have also used Crestron’s craft in their home automation process. By manufacturing Wireless Horizon Keypads, Creston received the ‘Human Interface Product of the Year’ award in 2020. 


If you are looking for automation as well as networking systems for homes and businesses, Control4 is the best option. Control4 is globally famous for its premium home automation solutions to provide luxury and cutting-edge performance. It is one of the popular home automation companies in India.

With a wide range of products, Control4 mostly works on high-end residential and luxury projects with sophisticated needs. They offer automated devices including audio, video, lighting, intercom, climate control, and security. Control4 currently maintains operations in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Cubical Labs

Cubical Labs is a home automation IoT startup that has become popular in India. This company focuses on creating personalized smart home experiences with their wide range of home automation systems.

Their diverse offerings include controlled home appliances, home security devices, energy usage monitoring devices, and more. Their primary goal is to ensure seamless integration of the home appliances and make their products user-friendly for customers across India.


Oakter is an Indian electronic contract manufacturing and designing company that specializes in consumer electronics, IoT, sound and audio devices, GPS tracking devices, and much more. Their home automation solutions provide comfort and an easy interface. With its wide range of offerings, Oakter focuses on simplifying everyday tasks with affordability and reliability.

Oakter offers a diverse range of products, including smart switches, smart plugs, sensors, GPS devices, audio devices, and others. With these products, Oakter enables customers to create custom automation setups according to their needs.


Home automation has become more popular in India as it is omitting its expensive and sophisticated tag. Several excellent home automation companies in India provide readily implantable devices. Though home automation systems may sound expensive, they are cost-saving. Using automation solutions saves energy costs, provides comfort, and secures essential things.

Making home smarter is easy, and it makes you daily life better in the long run. Whether you are seeking a new automation project or looking to upgrade your current setup, the aforementioned companies will be on your list to meet your requirements.


Q. What is home automation?
Home automation is a process where technology is integrated into various systems within the home to make those systems automated and remotely controlled. The process includes automating lighting, entertainment, temperature, security, and more. With the ease of control, it provides the consumers with comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency.

Q. Which company is best for home automation in India?
when choosing a home automation company people consider several factors like company reputation, pricing, list of offerings, reviews, and budget. Companies like Philips, Havells, Wipro, Legrand and others companies mentioned in the article rank among the top home automation companies in India.

Q. Is home automation in demand?
A: The home automation industry is growing at a phenomenal rate in India and also worldwide. People are currently focusing on comfort, user-friendliness, and energy saving. Hence, the home automation is presently in high demand.

Q. What is the future of home automation?
A: With the advancement of technology and AI, home automation has become much more relevant. Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) is greatly affecting the home automation process. With IoT-enabled home automation, people can remotely control their systems with smartphone apps and voice commands.

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